Weekend Specials



-Chicken and Rice

-Lobster Bisque



-Shrimp Cocktail $10.99

-Fried Calamari w/ Side of Marinara $9.99

-Steamed Clams 1dz for $5.99 or 2dz for $11.00

-1dz Clams Sauteed in a Pesto Sauce $7.99

-Stuffed Mushrooms with Ricotta, Mozzarella, Spinach & Garlic $8.99

-Fried Ravioli Bruschetta $8.99

-Oysters on the Half Shell $12.99

-Oysters Rockefeller $14.99

-(12) Mussels in Pesto Sauce $9.99 




-Mac n' Cheese Burger - 1/2 pound burger topped with mac and cheese, crispy bacon, and bbq sauce on a toasted kaiser roll. Choice of french fries, cole slaw or potato salad $11.99

-Pork and Sauerkraut served with mashed potatoes $11.99

-Meat Lasagna with garlic bread $12.99

-Grilled Chicken Breast topped with mozzarella cheese and a balsamic glaze, served with roasted red potatoes and corn $12.99

-Veal Florentino- sauteed veal topped with spinach, tomato, fresh mozzarella in a brown garlic sauce served with a side of mashed potatoes $16.99

-8 oz. Butter Steak with (3) grilled shrimp served with a baked potato and asparagus $19.99

-Black Angus Prime Rib with a baked potato and asparagus $22.99



-Banana Fried Cheesecake


-Chocolate Lava Cake

-Carrot Cake

-Oreo Cheesecake


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